Email from stranger about ourworld

Today, when I came home from school, I got an e-mail from stranger. Usually I do not open those kind of e-mail, because they are some spam or someone is promoting some stupid thing and there is, maybe, some viruses. You can not trust to some stranger who get your e-mails, who  knows how and send you some message, like click here or something like that. In email it also said that there are ourworld gems generator,or something like that and the link that they used to link to that keyword was… Actually let me copy and paste whole sentance “There is also online gem generator for ourworld game”

But now, this mail did not go into a spam folder, he was in folder with high priority e-mails and it had a interesting name of mail, so I told to my self, why not, open and see what is it about. I started to read and some guy saw my comment on forum before few years ago, where I am asking for some interesting browser game, where I can play with other people or better called multiplayer game, and also where I can play like in a real life, so he wanted to help me, after few years and he send me message.

Ourworld on tv

I was surprised, I did not know what should I think, what should I do, but I know that there is still good people who have a will to help you, but it does not mind because he is helping me now, after few years, because  he was, maybe, searching for something on that forum and he saw my comment and decide to help some stranger with more stranger username. I am not going to tell username, because is so stupid, so nerd and so NOT gamer! Now, our story is about this stranger who decided to help and about this game.

He is telling me that this game is called OurWorld and in that game you can create your profile and also it is browser game, so I do not have to download anything and to suspect in something, like is this a virus or  not. When I create my profile, I can go around all of OurWorld, share my stuff with people, get stuff from other, meet people and make friends, go on parties and more and more. He is finishing his mail with “Again, I am sorry because I am contacting you, maybe you are not searching anymore for game like this, or maybe you are not playing games at all, but I wanted to share this with you. I hope you will, at least, try it and if you like it, give me a shot. Sincerely…”.

gem codes for ourworld

And what to tell on something like this? Nothing, keep your mouth close and go and play that game. So I have played for, maybe, I can not remember correctly, three hours, something like that and I can tell you that this game is the most interesting browser games that I have ever played. For that three hours, I met some cool people and, guys, I got a girlfriend! I was like, what the hell, I need to share this with other people.

So guys, if you want to play some browser games, just go and visit OurWorld and start to play. You have nothing to lose, you just can get something. Something like fun, conversation with others and more and more. Also I met one guy from my town and we are now best buddies and we play basketball together. Pretty cool guy.